Polymath Programming
 What is Connect IQ Sync? 

Connect IQ Sync is an application similar to Garmin's Connect Express, in that it sits in your system tray and let's you configure you ConnectIQ watch.

The difference being, is that this application is used to configure aspects of the watch written by me - see the ConnectIQ menu on the left


pmFace Watchface

  • Set the colour scheme (not yet implemented) so you can have a light or dark watch face
  • Add MOTD (Message Of The Day) to appear on your watch face on each day. Useful for birthdays

pmToDo Widget/Application

  • Edit a ToDo list that is visible on your watch (not yet implemented)
  • Sync ToDo list with a ToDo.txt on your computer (not yet implemented)


Windows Build

Linux Build

Pandora Build

Source Code (MIT Licence)