Polymath Programming
 What is pmDuo? 

pmDuo is a multisport application that records a cycle and a run one after the other for Garmin ConnectIQ watches


Once started, the GPS will try and connect, the red bar above the phase chevrons indicates GPS signal, and will turn yellow or green when a signal is acquired

To start your cycle, press the 'Enter' button (physical button on the right side of the vivoactive).

At the end of your cycle, press the button again to save the cycle and start the transition phase. There may be a delay before this starts due to the saving of the cycle (I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that)

When you are ready to start your run, press the button again, and it will start recording.

Press the button a final time at the end of your run to save the run data, and you will be presented on-screen with the total time, with phase split times.


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Source Code (MIT Licence)